Fact Sheets

  • Rhode Island Tolling Threat

    Knowing that federal law allows states to charge tolls for ailing bridges, Rhode Island is using this exemption to create an entire network of new tolls in an unprecedented bureaucratic maneuver. ... Read more.

  • ATFI One Pager

    New tolls on existing interstates result in wasted revenue, double taxation, traffic diversion, and negative economic impacts.... Read more.

  • ATFI Organizational Summary June 2014

    This fact sheet explains the purpose and goals of ATFI, and includes a list of ATFI's major members.... Read more.

  • ATFI Myth vs. Fact

    Toll proponents claim that tolls will solve all our transportation funding problems. In truth, tolling is the least effective option to fund interstate construction and maintenance. Read the myths and learn the facts.... Read more.

  • Reason Dispelling the Myths Critique

    It is widely accepted that the fuel tax is by far the most efficient, least costly way to collect highway user fees, while tolls are among the least efficient and most expensive collection methods.... Read more.

  • Possible Commerce Clause Claims - Interstate Tolling

    In addition to legal claims related to a state’s authority to toll existing roads under federal law there may be constitutional claims under the Commerce Clause against the state’s proposal, depending upon how the tolling scheme is structured... Read more.

  • Tolls on Existing Interstates: Winners and Losers

    Tolling existing interstates may be good for some, but it hurts the traveling public and the residents and businesses in the area. Learn the facts about who wins and who loses.... Read more.

Studies & Reports

  • Studying and Forecasting Tolls is Inefficient, Unproductive and Expensive March 2016

    In this report, we analyzed the relevant research to determine the efficacy of governments financing their own tolling studies. Overwhelmingly, the research found that studying tolling possesses glaring errors, bias and failings for governments and taxpayers.... Read more.

  • RCA Analysis - Optimism bias in toll revenue and traffic projections January 2012

    This analysis includes a look at the comparison between projected revenue and traffic volumes on toll road projects and the actual revenue generated and traffic volumes on the toll roads. It concludes that the projections consistently and significantly overestimated the revenue and traffic volumes for toll road projects throughout the world.... Read more.

  • North Carolina DOT: Economic Analysis of tolls on I-95 June 2013

    Study conducted on behalf of the North Carolina Department of Transportation analyzing the economic impacts of placing tolls on the existing interstate lanes of I-95 within North Carolina.... Read more.

  • Economic Impact: I-80 PA Tolling Study October 2009

    Study analyzing the estimated economic impacts of tolling existing interstate lanes on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania.... Read more.

  • Washington State DOT: Toll Facility Operational Costs February 2007

    Study conducted by the Washington State Department of Transportation comparing costs of tolling facilities throughout the country. ... Read more.

  • NCHRP: Costs of Alternative Revenue-Generation Systems March 2011

    Study conducted by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences which identifies the administrative, collection and enforcement costs of a typical toll facility.... Read more.

  • Tolling Existing Interstates Impacts Supply Chains February 2014

    This Op-Ed, which ran in American Shipper's February issue, enumerates the detrimental impacts that tolling existing interstates has on supply chains.... Read more.

  • ATFI Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Testimony January 2014

    ATFI submitted this testimony for the public record in conjunction with a hearing held by the U.S House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on January 14, 2014, entitled "Building the Foundation for Surface Transportation Reauthorization."... Read more.

  • Empirical Evidence of Toll Road Traffic Diversion and Implications for Highway Infrastructure Privatization November 2007

    Little empirical work has been done to suggest how private operators might price road access and what effect toll road pricing policies might have on traffic, the public, and the highways system. This paper empirically demonstrates that tolls can be expected to rise quite significantly and that substantial diversion of trucks is likely to take place. ... Read more.

  • The Inefficiency of Toll Collection as a Means of Taxation: Evidence from the Garden State Parkway Summer 2003

    Researchers Jonathan Peters and Jonathan Kramer calculate the cost of toll collection on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway... Read more.

  • SELC toll study: A Highway for All? August 2013

    SELC Study on Economic Use Patterns for Atlanta's Hot Lanes... Read more.

  • Transparency and Oversight of Bi-State Tolling Authorities August 2013

    A study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office about the need for increased oversight and public accountability for bi-state tolling authorities.... Read more.

  • ACLU of Washington Electronic Tolling Position Paper February 2009

    A position paper by the ACLU of Washington on potential threats electronic tolling systems represent for the rights to privacy and equal protection under the law. ... Read more.

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