ATFI Statement: Misguided Connecticut Tolls Push Undermines Governor’s New Transportation Plan

Following Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announcing the CT2030 transportation plan, the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates issued the following statement, which can be attributed to Communications Director Stephanie Kane:

“It’s unfortunate that Governor Lamont continues his misguided push for tolls in the CT2030 plan. Tolling existing interstates is a failed policy idea with exponential negative consequences for Connecticut residents and taxpayers. Tolls are bad for motorists, bad for the economy and wildly unpopular. Simply put, tolls are a tax that any citizen or lawmaker concerned with fiscal responsibility, Connecticut’s economy and social equity will reject.

We appreciate efforts to resolve the state’s transportation problems and that the Governor has scaled back the use of tolls in his new plan. However, we remain dejected at Governor Lamont’s press for wasteful tolling bureaucracies when there are more common-sense transportation funding methods that do not carry a long list of negative impacts the way tolls do.”

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