ATFI Statement: To Maximize Infrastructure Investment, Avoid Tolls

Following President Trump’s remarks on infrastructure during Tuesday’s policy discussion, the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates issued the following statement, which can be attributed to spokesperson Stephanie Kane:

“A reduction in bureaucratic red tape and permitting can allow us to more quickly start working on improving our infrastructure – something everyone can agree needs to happen. Cutting red tape reduces project costs, thus allowing states to avoid having to rely on alternative revenue sources like tolls. Tolls are counterintuitive to building a lasting transportation network. History has shown that the public rejects the notion of the private sector imposing tolls to operate our roads. States such as North Carolina and Virginia had that option for almost two decades and rejected tolling existing interstates, even passing legislation to make that option more difficult to approve.

If President Trump truly wants to stop ‘denying people needed investments in their country[‘s infrastructure],’ he will reject tolls in his infrastructure plan. Tolls are the worst funding mechanism available and are a highly inefficient use of funds, as a significant portion of every dollar collected – typically 12-20% even with all-electronic tolling – goes to administrative costs and to private sector profits rather than building and repairing roads.”

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